🍎 Apples to 🍏 Apples? What does that even mean?

🍎 Apples to 🍏 Apples? What does that even mean?


💲Have you turned in a bid and the purchasing called to review scope and mentioned something about just looking to get the bid apples to apples. Have you wondered what that even means?


🔁In the literal sense it means we are trying to have all bids quoting the same thing. The message that’s really being conveyed is something with your bid is jacked up!


🆗Could mean your price is too low and the Buyer is trying to find out what scope of work you didn’t quote that the others did? Or it’s the opposite, why is your bid so high?


🙊Here’s the real secret, a buyer can tell any story they want when making a recommendation. They can make your bid look to high or disqualify it for missing scope.


🤝This is where the relationship matters. You want the PA looking out for you not using your story against you.


Let me know in the comments your experience with that phrase!👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


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