Big Visions need big action!

🔴Big Visions need big action! Are your actions in alignment with your vision?

Instead of long term goals, choose a vision of your life. Where are you? Who’s there with you? What are you doing? What does it sound like? Smell like? Do you see it? Are you in a huge house on the hills? A beach in the Pacific? In your backyard BBQing? Doesn’t matter where if it’s your dream, what matters is if your current actions are taking you there.


More often than not are vision is a lot bigger than the actions we are taking. That’s why we start with the vision and reverse imagineer it to smaller, short term goals.


In order to be living the life you want, where does your career or business need to be?

Do you have the education and experience to get there? And how soon can you apply that experience to get there?


Are you planting enough seeds? Are you hustling enough? Or are you going thru the motions?


Are you starting to back into where you want to go and what your doing now to get there? I bet you’re starting to see some holes in the plan... a chance to do more.


What if you raised your own expectations of what your capable of? Now plan that journey to your vision! Inspire greatness!


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