Building Momentum

Momentum is my word for the week.  Building momentum and losing momentum can have a major impact on your success at crushing goals.  So how can you build momentum when you're just getting started?

At a company I used to work at we had this idea called "The First Pour".  The idea was simple, if a construction project started off on the wrong foot, it was hard to recover from and usually didn't end well. If a project started great, it tended to build momentum and the odds of a successful project increased. Every construction project we worked on had a lot of concrete structures, thousands of cubic yards of concrete were going to be poured everyday for a year or two.  It was so critical to get the first concrete pour right, because it set the tone. To get it right, we would double the labor needed to do the job just to ensure it went smooth.  If the estimate said we needed 5 people, we used 10 for the first one.  Once the first pour was out of the way, we were usually able to scale the labor down to meet or beat estimates. It was a small price to pay for a successful outcome that could have cost a lot of money had it gone wrong.

So to answer the question above, its about setting small goals. By small, I mean super achievable, laughable goals, that you should easily be able to do. For example, if getting better at sales calls is your goal, the first week might be just make one each day.  Those small victories lead to progress.  And because its so easy to just do that one thing, you might make another call.  WOW! Momentum has started.  Now, look at it the other way.  Suppose you have to make 80 calls to start.  That might seem overwhelming to someone getting started.  What happens if you only make 40?  You start getting discouraged that you didn't accomplish the goal. You might give up too soon.  It doesn't build excitement.

Now you can sit on your butt if you want to grow that momentum either. You have to look at the goals you accomplished, set new ones, that are a little more challenging, but yet doable.  Before you know it, you're off to the races.

Here's what I'm doing to build momentum to launch this podcast. I'm not a good writer. Probably because I don't write a lot. But its an important skill to write captions for social media, or intro emails, or website copy.  A bunch of things I need to write in order to accomplish the goal of connecting with as many people as possible.  So, I'm going to write one blog post per week for the month of Feb. Then, I'm going to re-purpose the blog post for use on social media.  This same post, could be a LinkedIn article, take the momentum theme and use it to caption an IG post, easily could do a TikTok video.  This is going to ease me out of my comfort zone but also develop a skill that translates into doing creative things and that's what this journey is about.

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