How do you develop your voice, your message, and stay focused?

How do you develop your voice, your message, and stay focused? That's something that's been bugging me. I want to get my message more on point. Then I came across an idea, the idea to write a book called 101 things about "insert topic here". Now, I don't really want to write a book but I thought, I could make a list of 101 things related to my topic (Power of Building Personal Connections) and that would get me little tid-bits of content to share. That was about a month ago. At first I thought it would be easy. 5 or so a day, I can do that. But, I've made little progress until now. I created a list of ten sub-topics or ideas. I'll be working on the details of ten items per idea. Stay tuned!

Here's my list. What am I forgetting? What are ideas you have? Please brainstorm in the comments.

1. Icebreakers
2. Finding places to meet new people
3. Following Up with new connections
4. Keeping connections current, staying in touch
5. Developing rapport with people
6. Gratitude
7. Hard Rules (I wrote this down, but I can't remember what I meant by it. Maybe something to do with rules of dos and do not's).
8. Connecting on Social Media
9. Standing out in the Crowd
10. Paying it forward

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