Too busy to be active on LinkedIn?

🛑Too busy to be active on LinkedIn? Guess what, you are losing clients as you are reading this! Yes, even those untouchable ones...


💦You see the grass is greener when it gets watered. True story, there are a few people on here actively reaching out and building a relationship with me. You better believe they are getting an invite to the next bid, and their number won’t be just a price check, they may even get last look.


🧶Why am I telling you this? Because, building and maintaining relationships with your clients is the life blood. In B2B sales, everyone is selling commodities. It’s knowing they vendor is going to have your back and deliver that makes the difference.


💡Don’t know where to start? Take fifteen minutes everyday day and do the following:


✅Like posts.


✅Comment valuable insight on others posts.


✅Slide in the DMs with an authentic message not a lame sales pitch.


✅Post your own insight about what’s uniquely you. Sharing your companies latest news release it’s not that.


Don’t believe me? Don’t be surprised when someone else slowly proved their value and starts taking some of your projects away. It’s happening every single day.

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