Treat your vendors like clients

Flip the script! Treat your vendors like clients and you will be surprised what you can get accomplished.


🍱One time our team met with a vendor’s team for lunch to discuss business as well as catch up and connect. When the meal ended, the bill was dropped off. Turned out, the tab was already paid. Not by our vendor, but by our team leader. He’d snuck his credit card in the waitress hands before lunch was served, thus eliminating the battle for the bill.


🖤What I loved about this, was the unexpectedness of it all. Vendors are so used to picking up the bill, it’s just expected if they do. Purchasing peeps, pick it up instead. It’s a great way to show your appreciation of their contribution to the team!


💫Stand out instead of hand out! I promise you will see a drastic change in the way people do business with you!

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