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"It's not really my story it’s the story of everyone around me." That’s what Nikole would say if you asked her to walk you through her journey. Finding herself in a situation where she was going to be relocated and didn’t want to make the move, she took the severance package and walked away. The team she had been working with for the last decade were facing the same situation as well. Instead of parting ways, Nikole started a company, brought her team on-board, and they walked right back into their previous company as consultants to finish the project her team had started.

Nikole is a humble CEO, never taking credit for creating anything, instead always crediting the team. She is an expert in finance and uses her knowledge to lead her IT company.

Nikole believes in keeping a team together. Everyone around her was recommending that she let her staff go after a large contract was downsized but it just didn't "feel right"; her team was counting on her. Facing hardship and trials she felt they "were all in it together". If you could keep the company together by investing in the team, the clients would invest more with the company.

"It’s the right thing to do."

 Nikole has a belief that more CEOs across the world should embrace this idea of getting creative when there doesn't seem to be a solution. Come up with a better way to do it. Win on all sides, be a leader and keep your teams together. She formulated the idea of Team Centric & Team Focused which became known as Growth Task Force.


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