Taj Ahmad-Eldridge Telling Your Story




"I didn’t know where I wanted to be then, but I did know that I wanted to tell stories." - Taj

Taj Eldridge is a lover of words, economist & active investor/advisor who works with impact driven start up firms to achieve greatness in all fields of human endeavor.

There is a bit of bravery in the story of going from working at a bank inside of a grocery store to running a venture fund, complete with 20 years of madness in between when he graduated with a Poetry/Literature undergraduate degree from Texas A&M in Commerce, Texas (formerly East Texas State University). 


Connect with Taj

-Taj Ahmed-Eldridge https://www.linkedin.com/in/tajahmadeldridge/

-Backgound on Taj’s path to VC https://medium.com/@Econoahmad/my-beautiful-dark-twisted-fantastic-path-towards-being-a-vc-87257a8391c6

-LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI) https://laincubator.org/


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